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25 Things Not to Do After a Break Up

Even the best breakup can be painful or demeaning.

In the moment, it’s easy to say and do things we don’t mean. If you want your ex back (just in case) or even if you just want to be friends, making your breakup as amicable as possible will improve your chances of that.

To do that, here are 25 things you want to avoid doing:

1. Thinking up bizarre reasons to contact them.

2. Running into them “accidentally.”

“I was just in the neighborhood! 25 miles away from mine.”

3. Regularly hanging out at the places you used to go together, hoping they’ll be there.

Sometimes you’re going to have to let familiar places go.

4. Trying to get revenge in some way.

5. Destroying their stuff.

6. Talking to your ex’s friends about them.

7. Contacting your ex’s parents.

8. Trying to apologize for everything that went wrong.

You likely already apologized when you broke up.

9. Having an embarrassing emotional outburst.

10. Cyber-stalking

In general don’t stalk him on social media, it’s very tempting to stalk an ex online. BUT DO NOT DO IT!

11. Deleting your ex on social media, and then using your friend’s profile to see what they are up to.

You did the right thing by unfriending and unfollowing them. But don’t cheat by using your friends’ accounts to check on them!

12. Comparing yourself to his exes before you.

It doesn’t matter if his other exes were way crazier than you. Just don’t do it.

13. Looking at old pictures of you together.

You should probably get rid of those.