Cheating FedUp

16 Ways to Catch a Cheater

If you have the urge to hide something from your partner, it’s your mind telling you subconsciously that something isn’t right. That’s why even if kissing, touching, or flirting hasn’t happened yet, it can still be cheating.

As far as cheaters go, they habitually repeat their mistakes out of a certain compulsion. It’s said old habits die hard after all. Cheating is like a disease that spreads in your body, inch by inch, conquering all the healthy cells by the hour until it finally takes the life out of you. There surely is no excuse for cheating.

However, there are different kinds of cheaters. Some get away easily, but others will leave a trail behind. It’s not always easy to conceal their thoughts and by trying to wipe their tracks, they may have left something obvious behind.

Catching a cheater can be tricky, with all the dishonesty and betrayal, you are left wondering if you should even confront them. It is heartbreaking, but you need to know for sure. Watch out for the obvious signs which will help you catch a cheater.

1. Do random checks at their home or workplace

Consider dropping by your partner’s workplace unannounced to check on them. A lot of cheaters go about their monkey business during work hours. So if they’re not at the office or home when they should be, it can be an indicator of some wrong-doings.

2. Ad hoc travel