Dating FedUp

25 Things Not to Do After a Break Up

14. Initiating awkward “WHY?” conversations.

This is absolutely something you don’t want to do. You’re putting them in an awkward situation and really, what answer do you expect to get? Is it going to be what you want to hear? Probably not.

15. Taking part in gossip about your ex.

We all can hear some interesting things or out and out lies about our exes after a breakup. But as soon as someone starts with “You won’t believe what I heard about your ex”, you tell that person to stop right there and change the subject.

16. “Accidentally” texting him.

Yeah, no. They’re not going to fall for this, and it’s just going to be more awkward for you in the long run.

17. Obsessively trying to stay in contact with them.

This isn’t much better than stalking.

18. Refusing to accept the current reality.

One sure way to make things even worse with your ex is refusing to accept what they’re telling you. They don’t want to be with you, so you’ve got to accept that. If there’s a chance you’ll get back together, fine, but that will never happen if you can’t respect their boundaries.

19. Acting out jealously.

If you find out they’re seeing someone, don’t demand an explanation or make them feel bad for moving on! This just pushes them further away, trust me.

20. Trying to make your ex jealous.

If you’re seeing someone, don’t tell them! Your actions no longer concern them.

21. Creating elaborate theories about your ex.