Dating FedUp

25 Things Not to Do After a Break Up

This includes hoping he’s actually gay. I mean… is that really an insult? This is 2016 after all.

22. Plotting ways to break up him and his new girlfriend.

Yes, they may be the rebound. That doesn’t mean you get to point this out to them to drive a wedge between them. You wouldn’t want anyone doing this to you, would you?

23. Drunk dialing.

If you think there might be a drunk dialing risk, delete his number from your phone NOW.

24. Suggesting ex sex / friends with benefits.

Either way, it’ll just end messy and prolong the healing process.

25. Finally, using the excuse of ‘having nothing left to lose’ to justify your bad behavior when you KNOW it’s wrong.

If you really want them back, you need to be calm and collected, showing maturity and that you respect what they’ve told you. How will they know if you’re still interested? Well, they’ll come to you. Think of it this way: they can’t want you back if they don’t miss you, fantasize about you, if you’re smothering them more now than when you were dating.

As strange as it sounds, to have any potential for getting back together, you actually need to be over each other–so that the two of you can have a fresh start. Without clearing out the baggage from the old relationship, the hurt and resentment will just bubble back once the relationship takes off again. -C. Sky reconciliation