Dating FedUp

5 Questions Not to Ask on the First Date

When you first meet someone who’s a potential partner, it’s okay to want to know about them. There are usually some pretty loaded you’d like to ask. The key is to know when and how.

Below is a list of things you should avoid asking within the first month of dating:

1. How many people have you been with?

While this is a fair question, it’s not a question to ask in the first month. Also, consider if you want to answer this question if it has been turned back on you.

2. Have you done drugs?

While we all know that your brain on drugs is eggs in a frying pan, and we all remember that one really violent commercial with the girl trashing her home, people still do it. You may have too. But if you ask this in the first few dates, your partner will likely not even tell you the truth.

And may also think you’re a narc.

(If you do work in Narcotics in your local PD, then just leave your work at work for awhile, okay?)

The best way to figure this out is to watch for behavior cues. Do they drink two or five alcoholic drinks at dinner? Are they continually sickly looking and have a persistent cough that you can’t get, but doesn’t go away? Then these might be some bad signs.

3. Who ended your last relationship and why?