Dating FedUp

5 Ways Google Helps (and Hurts) Dating

Remember dating before Google was invented?

For better or worse, Google affects our relationships in lots of ways. But there was once a time when using Google to stalk someone just wasn’t a thing. Let’s look back on the dating scene, pre-Googling.

1. You can learn all about someone even before the first date.

Thanks to Google, you can learn about a prospective date’s appearance, where he works, even his credit score. Sure, you feel like a creep when you find yourself studying his high school football stats or laughing at the article he wrote back in college, but doing a quick check can give you insight to his interests.

Jut don’t get too wrapped up in the search engine because it’s not going to tell you all. You’ll have to hear his awful celebrity impression in real life to understand how funny he really is. And just like some guys look good on paper, some can look better on Google, too.

2. You can check for a felony record.