Cheating FedUp

6 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Cheating in relationships has become commonplace, contributing to the high divorce rate.

Men are perceived as being the villains in these cases as being more likely to cheat on their partners, while women are viewed as the victims and rarely thought to be the cheater. The actual statistics paint a different picture however, showing that men only cheat slightly more than women. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 57% of men admitted to having an affair, compared to 54% of women.

If women cheat almost as much as men, do they cheat for the same reasons? The answer requires a more complex answer than simply yes or no. For simplicity the answer is usually yes… and no!

Men and women may cheat for similar reasons, but they have different motivations for pursuing an affair.

I could offer many more examples and explanations, but in this article, I will focus specifically on women and their motivations for cheating. Here are additional reasons why women cheat:

1. More intimacy

Women want attention to be given, we want to feel desirable and special. We want our partners to put forth the time and effort to get to know us on a deeper level. When couples live more like roommates instead of people people in a relationship, the intimacy is likely dead. She’ll end up gravitating to a man who makes her feel special and who she has a spark with.

2. Boredom