Dating FedUp

6 Signs You’re Dating a Loser

Make sure your “user” radar is up to date!

If your “user” radar hasn’t been working lately and you find yourself in more than your fair share of relationships with men who tend to use you for one reason or another you need to calibrate that radar. You have to be able to spot the bums and users so you are not wasting your time with these losers. A man who is using you will only stay with you as long as it is beneficial to him. Once he leaves, you not only feel used and stupid, but your self-esteem will take a big hit.

Unfortunately some women at first are totally oblivious to the fact that they are being used or they don’t really care as long as their man pays them some sort of attention and continues to lead her on with bogus words of encouragement. Please don’t be this woman. Take heed, if your man exhibits any of these signs you are dating a user.

1.  He has no ambition.  If your man has no ambition or drive to better himself and is content leeching off of whoever will support him, he is a user.  There is a significant difference from being a gold digger and a GOAL digger. A man with ambition and drive is a total turn on. It isn’t what is in his pocket that counts, it’s his aspiration to get where he wants to be. No one wants to be with a man that depends on a woman for things that a MAN should take care of for himself.