Dating FedUp

6 Signs You’re Dating a Loser

2.  You pay for everything.  Although traditionally the guy usually pays in the beginning of the courtship, or you might opt to split the bill, which is perfectly fine if you’re okay with that. If you were raised believing a man should pay in the beginning, than that’s fine as well. The problem arises when you have to pay every time.

Foolishly some ladies, feel like its okay, that it shows their independence. But some men see this line of thinking as a way to get over. How you allow yourself to be treated in the beginning of the relationship sets the tone for the rest of your relationship. If your user knows you will pay all the time, he’s not going to start to pay for anything, he will just sit back and enjoy the ride.

3.  He never takes you out in public. This is a big one for me. What kind of man that is proud of his woman doesn’t take her out to show her off? A man should be proud to have such a good woman on his arm. He wants to show her off and introduce her to his friends. If he keeps your relationship a big secret, trust me you are not in a relationship. If all your dates consists of you picking up Wendy’s and going to his house to Netflix and chill, he’s using you for food and sex.

4.  Dude only comes around when he needs something from you. Sneakers, coats, money, food, rides. Users rarely even have a vehicle. You have to pick up his ass whenever you have a date and drive him back to your place (can’t hang out at his mom’s place). You take him to get a haircut and pay for it, what the hell kind of man lets his woman do this?