Dating FedUp

6 Signs You’re Dating a Loser

5.  He asks you to “hold” some money. This one really infuriates me. What kind of man, I repeat, MAN asks a woman for money? That should be emasculating to a real man. How often do you have to spot him a twenty that you will never see again? Especially if he never shells out a dime for you.  This is not to say that a hard working man can’t have an emergency and be in need of a little help.  But you will not be the first person he goes to for a short-term loan.

6.  He lives beyond his means. He goes out all the time, has the freshest sneakers, goes gambling with his friends but asks you to fill his fridge. Either that or he’s moved into your home so he can eat out of your fridge. He’s never even at your house much, only to sleep, eat, and keep you “happy”.

These are some foolproof ways to spot a man who is a user. Ladies, please open up your eyes and realize that it all starts with self-respect. If you respect yourself, you know what you deserve and you definitely do not deserve someone who won’t take you out in public or even buy you a burger from a burger joint without making a big production out of it.  -Lisa P.