7 Classic Causes Of a Relationship Breakup

We all know that relationships are not all hearts and flowers.  There will be thunderstorms and even some hurricanes in every relationship.  That’s when you see if you’re in a fair-weather relationship or one that can survive the storm.

Relationships depend on mutual understanding and cooperation between people. There are times when at certain points, you are faced with difficulties but still have to conduct your relationships just like you would in the good times. Once you are in a relationship every moment counts so it’s important to realize that there will be good and bad times. In this article, we’ll be looking at the most prevalent reasons that lead to breakups in open relationships.

  1. Unrealistic Standards

One of the major reasons why relationships breakup is because of the impossible world of expectations placed on one partner by the other. It’s important that you are realistic.  If your partner has just lost his job, don’t expect him to spend lavishly on you.  If your partner is just starting a new career he might have to put in extra hours, so don’t be upset if he can’t spend a lot of time with you.  Just be realistic and don’t put pressure on your partner when things are not going the way you think they should.

  1. The Effect of Jealousy