Dating FedUp

9 Signs You’re His S ex Doll

And NOT actually his girlfriend!

OK, so not every guy can be Prince Charming. Most of them are neither princely or charming. And we date them anyway, at least for a minute.

Unfortunately, an awful lot of guys never have any intention of being in a relationship for the long haul. FYI, some guys consider you merely a means to an end.

If you fear you’ve landed in such a relationship, here are nine sure-fire signs he’s using you for sex, rather than actually dating you.

1. He does not feed you.

It should be an obvious red flag if he never takes you out to dinner, even the stingiest jerks should at least, offer you toast the morning after.

2. He’s ever let you ride in his car.

Seriously, if the only time he allows you in his car is during rush hour and he wants to use the HOV lane, you are just a means to an end.

3. He complains about your weight.