Dating FedUp

Are You Wasting Your Time With an Emotionally Unavailable Man?

This guy knows what he wants and you can be sure it isn’t to win your love. He is so obvious you’d have to be blind and stupid not to see it. If he gets lovey-dovey with you it’s because he knows he’s getting a little action from you. Try mentioning to him that you want to wait till marriage and watch how he reacts. He probably won’t call you again.

  1. He is an addict

This is another no-brainer. If he is an addict, a sex, drug or whatever other type of addict there is, you should stay as far away from him as possible. Such guys only bring baggage to the relationship. There’s not much to say about this time waster.

  1. He prefers a long distance relationship

The further you are the better for him. In fact, if you lived on another continent he would be more than happy. He prefers to text and email as opposed to calling. He knows you can edit messages before hitting the send button but when you talk over the phone or via Skype, he knows something will slip and there’s no erasing what’s already been said. We all know long distance relationships don’t work, not by a long shot. But we’d love to know if you have ever been in a long distance relationship and if things actually worked out for you.

  1. He is half way in and half way out