Dating FedUp

Are You Wasting Your Time With an Emotionally Unavailable Man?

This guy has his options open. He doesn’t want to commit to you in case someone better comes along. He prefers to string you along until he lands the perfect woman. He has no problem flirting with other women even though he is in a relationship with you. He might not be doing it in front of you but he is doing it behind your back. He is still sniffing around trying to see if he can do better than you. This is not a guy who is emotionally available. He is even not that into you so you should cut your losses and move on before he does.

  1. He is hot and he is cold

One minute he shows you how much he loves you and the next he is cold and distant. You don’t know where he is or what he is doing. After a few days he resurfaces and he shows you more love and affection. In short, he loves you only when it suits him. He doesn’t care about how you feel when he is that distant.

These warning signs are just a few examples of what emotionally unavailable men look like and their tendencies. If you are involved with a guy that fits any of these descriptions you should definitely drop him like a sack of rocks. You are an incredible woman and you deserve to find a man who is emotionally mature and won’t waste your time.  -Lisa P.