Dating FedUp

Is He Playing You For a Fool?

Finding women’s items that don’t belong to you, his mother, or his sisters may be an indication that he’s cheating. If it’s in his car, it could be nothing. If it’s in his bedroom, it’s most likely something. Ask him about it. If he lies, show him the evidence. Studies suggest that cheaters confess when presented with evidence.

5: Not For You

If you find evidence of him buying gifts that aren’t for you or for a family member, or a close friend that you know about, it’s a bad sign. Ask him what it was for. Follow your heart on this one but, if it shows up in connection with any other suspicious activity it could be evidence of cheating.

6: Distance

If you feel like your man is gushing on about how much he loves you but, he’s really distant and less affectionate he’s either going through some emotional problems, or he could be cheating. Ask him. It may be that he just wants to end the relationship, he’s having a hard time, or he’s cheating. Follow your heart.

7: Touchy

If he’s touchy about his electronics, he could be cheating. Don’t invade his privacy by going through his phone but, aggressive behavior about you just touching his phone is a bad sign. Either he’s cheating or he’s a jerk. Either way, let him go. – Lisa P.