Is Your Life Falling Apart?

Once people see you as vulnerable, they will start to take advantage of you.  They notice that you don’t respect yourself, so they don’t feel the need to respect you either.  Once respect has been lost it’s extremely hard to get it back.  Your best bet might be to walk away from these people and focus on getting your life back on track.

5. You constantly think about packing your bags and going ghost.

The problem with this solution is that it’s not really a solution for most circumstances. If your issues are internal, they will follow you wherever you go.  It might be time to confront your problems head-on either by yourself or a professional therapist.  You need to be able to feel happiness wherever you are.

6. Your finances are out of control.

People say money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure as hell can make life a lot easier.  If you are stressed out about your lack of money, first try living within your means.  Stop trying to keep up with the Jones’.  To get back on track, try researching and asking for help from a non-profit organization that deals with helping people get their financial life together.

7. You can’t keep a job.

You constantly get fired because you fail to show up, are habitually late, can’t get along with your coworkers, tell your boss they’re an a-hole or just don’t get the work done.  This is one of the most significant signs that your life is falling apart.  If you can’t provide financial stability for yourself, it may be time to stop and assess why you are getting fired before you look for that next job.

8. Your plans for the future are non-sensical.