Cheating FedUp

One Sentence Men Think Gives Them a License to Cheat

When someone is unfaithful, it may not be just about the need for sexual satisfaction.

Someone may cheat because they crave the attention they’re not getting from home, or they maybe need reassurance they’re still attractive even though they’re no longer young or  hot. When someone cheats, the cheater is thinking only of themselves at that moment. What THEY need to fill a void.

Everyone wants to be desired, and we all want to feel special and unique. One of the reasons that women get involved with men who are married or in a serious relationship with someone else is because they can make their lovers feel like they can’t at home. This is why the adage of “My wife doesn’t understand me” still resonates with a lot of guys and gives them a license to cheat. His wife may not appreciate his struggles and needs, but another woman might.

Of course, this is pure hogwash. A man who wasn’t just thinking about only his needs would communicate with his partner about what he finds lacking in the relationship and try to find ways to correct the problems. But the problem is not only with the man who cheats.  It’s also with the women who are in relationships with someone else’s man.

Writer Julia Anne Miller told a story about sharing a cab with a coworker who, without previous provocation, tells her of his engagement, but he’s having some issues. There’s something he’s always wanted to try, but–and here’s the sentence–“My fiancee won’t allow it,” he said.