Dating FedUp

Signs You’re Dating a Gold Digger

We often see people on television that we wonder on gold diggers, and they probably are because reality TV, but how do we tell if they are in real life? How do you tell if a person loves you for who or for the things you give them?

Unfortunately, the signs for dating a gold digger are not always super obvious. Gold diggers don’t reveal their ulterior motivations. They don’t wear name tags with little gold stickers around their name. They usually have charm and the art of telling you what to hear down to a science.

But they’re not impossible to expose. Here’s how to know for sure that you’re dating a gold digger.

1. You’ve got means.

Even if you aren’t wealthy, you can probably rest assured no one is using you for money. If you’re so rich that you can do an Uncle Scrooge into a vault of money, you probably aren’t dating a gold digger if your wealth isn’t something you otherwise advertise. But if you basically live like Uncle Scrooge in all other aspects of your life, you can consider yourself well known and more of a target.

2. You pay for everything.

This isn’t to say that a woman who lets a man (or vice versa) take her to expensive dinner is out for his money. It’s when someone starts assuming you’ll pay for things that don’t involve you – their mortgage for instance, or their car – then be wary.

3. Their taste gets more expensive over time.