Dating FedUp

Signs You’re Dating a Gold Digger

If they used to love Target but now refer to it as “a market of peasants” then be suspicious. (But not Walmart. We all know Walmart is terrible.) Unless they suddenly have means of their own, their sudden jump from Jaclyn Smith to Kate Spade likely has to do with knowing that they’ve landed a whale.

4. They’re currently unemployed and are not looking for a new job.

If you started dating someone that’s unemployed, especially if they quit their job when our courtship began, this is a big red indicator. But this doesn’t mean you have to immediately break up with them. If they quit because they want something more challenging, or they hate their boss, or wanted better pay, these are actually good reasons. Encourage them to keep looking for something better.

But if they quit their job because they feel as though they no longer need to work, there’s a good chance they assume being your partner comes with a salary.

5. They outright ask you for money.

This is probably the easiest way to determine if someone’s using you for a paycheck. They will ask you up front for money.

Now, people with good intentions may ask for help from time to time.

Perhaps the easiest way to determine if someone is using you for your paycheck is also the simplest: they ask you for money. Again, people with good intentions may ask for money from time to time. Their car needed emergency medical attention, they have medical bills for themselves, or they want to start a business with their high school friend.