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The Secret to Saving Your Marriage After Infidelity

Many people consider infidelity to be the ultimate dealbreaker.

However, a new study done by UCLA and the University of Washington suggests there’s a clear way to move past infidelity and save the relationship: you need to tell the truth.

The study was done with 134 couples over the course of five years, in which they were participating in various types of relationship counseling. Relationship satisfaction and marriage stability were measured through questions and interviews.

Through the study, 19 of the couples experienced infidelity between one or both partners. Of those, 74% revealed their infidelity before or during the study, while 26% kept it secret (and the researchers discovered it later).

This distinction became important in determining which relationships would survive. At the end of the five years, 43% of couples that revealed the infidelity were divorced compared to the 80% of the ones who kept it a secret. This tentatively says a lot for the research findings.