Cheating FedUp

The Truth About Getting Over Infidelity

The truth is, you’re not going to stop loving them overnight.

The most common comment about infidelity is “If they cheat on me, that’s it, I’m leaving!” But you know what? That’s what you think, and I don’t believe it. It’s a theoretical answer for something that may not happen to you, that you haven’t experienced. If it happens, things might change.

According to studies done on the subject, a whopping 35% of couples stay together after infidelity! That’s pretty huge. So you don’t really know what you would do unless you’ve experienced a partner cheating on you.

I can tell you how you’ll feel though. You’ll be really angry, possibly to the point of risking assault charges; you’ll be very sad and disappointed; you’ll look inward for a reason this happened and probably blame yourself, and the worst is you’re assaulted by images of imagining your partner having sex with someone else.

And if you deeply love your partner before you find out, that love won’t magically go away if they cheat on you. Depending on how it plays out, you may fall out of love later, but it’s not going to happen instantly overnight.

The following days, weeks perhaps, you’ll live with a series of overwhelming emotions that are often contradictory, and you won’t be thinking correctly, let alone make good decisions. The point is that these are some heavy things to deal with, and you can’t properly anticipate how you’ll react.