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Why Do Guys Send D**k Pics?

There seems to be an epidemic of men sending unsolicited pics of their junk.

Dating apps and online dating sites, even SnapChat and other social media sites, are making it easier for these guys to send their visual assaults. By now, it’s pretty safe to say that we’ve all gotten an unwanted d**k pic sent to us, especially if we’re single.

Emily Sears, a model with a huge Instagram following, receives them daily, so she decided to do something about the problem. Instead of just deleting the pics, she tried finding out who the guys are and forwarding the messages to their wives, girlfriends, or S.O.’s.

It’s thought that online porn and it’s instantly gratifying nature has played a part in this new d**k pic culture. Men think it’s a turn on and don’t see how problematic it actually is. They don’t get that women are often turned on in different ways than they are.
So why the uptick in dick pics?

Receiving a boob pic from a girl might get a man interested, the opposite is usually not true for women.

App style dating is about being casual, so it too easily leads to regrettable messages and photos.

What does these pics say about the sender?

Guys who do this aren’t really looking for a substantial relationship. They’re after immediate gratification with no strings attached.